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Is it safe?
Extensive studies have found that ultrasound has not been shown to cause any harm to mother or baby. Ultrasonography is safe for mother and baby and has been used in obstetrics since the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. It is non-invasive and has multiple purposes during pregnancy including confirming the pregnancy, checking for defects and the growth of the baby. Ultrasound does NOT use any radiation, such as X-ray. It only uses sound waves to look inside the body to view the baby.

What happens if the baby is not positioned well for a good ultrasound scan?
There are some occasions where we have difficulty obtaining a clear picture. If your baby is facing towards your back or positioned in a way that we can not get a clear picture, we have some options. We will reposition you, or have you walk around, or get something to drink. But even then, sometimes it just doesn’t work. In that case, we ask you to return another time for a complimentary return appointment. We will include a second DVD for free on your return visit.

Who will perform the ultrasound?
All ultrasounds are performed by one of our trained ultrasound technicians. Our technicians are trained in Non-Diagnostic Prenatal 4D Ultrasound Imaging. This means that our technicians are not trained to diagnose any medical condition. We do not take measurements or estimate baby weight or size. Therefore we will never provide you with medical advice or mis-information. The use of non-medical technicians is all that is required for providing you with keepsake images of your baby. We do ask you to provide us with your doctors contact information in case we feel there is a need to contact your medical provider.

Do you have a Physician on staff?
No. Like almost all Prenatal Ultrasound Centers in the United States, we choose to let your personal physician determine what care is best for you. At no time does the ultrasound you receive at Jeff Edney Studios replace the full diagnostic 2D scan you must receive at your doctor’s office. You must actively be receiving prenatal care from your doctor.

Prenatal 4D



  • Gestation 16 to 23 weeks: 15–20 minute scan, DVD video of entire session, CD of 10+ still pictures (JPG files), *gender determination (if requested).


  • Gestation 27 to 34 weeks: 15–20 minute scan, DVD video of entire session, CD of 10+ still pictures (JPG files)

Prenatal 4D Ultrasound Sessions Include:

  • FREE Revisits: If we are unable to determine your baby’s gender (A), or get a clear scan of your babies face (B), we will reschedule you for a complimentary return visit at no charge. Some restrictions apply.
  • The option to add a Heartbeat Stuffed Animal for $35. (your babies heartbeat inside a stuffed animal)

Prenatal 4D Ultrasound Appointments Require:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $40. You may reschedule your appointment time with 24 hours notice without forfeiting your deposit. However, no shows, cancelations, and reschedules with less than 24 hrs notice will result in the loss of the $40 deposit.


We offer Prenatal 4D Ultrasound visits FREE with the purchase of any future portrait photo session. We provide you with options for multiple services. We want to win you as a client for life. From your fist ultrasound visit to determine gender (16-21 weeks gestation), through the 4D ultrasound face scans (27-34 weeks gestation), then maternity portraits (30-38 weeks gestation), and infant portraits, and so on. We provide quality 4D ultrasound scans that are fun, with seating for 5 family members (more can stand, if you have more). We have invested in a high quality, General Electric® ultrasound machine and in non-diagnostic prenatal 4D ultrasound certification training programs for our staff.

Welcome to Jeff Edney Studios! We are the areas only professional photography studio and non-diagnostic prenatal 4D imaging studio combined. We offer our clients the option to get BOTH professional photography and prenatal 4D ultrasound for little more than the typical price of just a 4D ultrasound visit by itself! If you are planning to get professional maternity portraits, or infant portraits, in addition to your 4D Ultrasound, Jeff Edney Studios is the obvious best choice!


  • 3D/4D ultrasound equipment that uses the same, safe, ultrasonic sound waves that your doctor’s office uses when you receive a traditional 2D scan.
  • Central and convenient location, just off Interstate 64.
  • Highest standards of customer service.
  • Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Can seat up to 5 people comfortably in our ultrasound room, but you are welcome to bring as many friends and family as you like.
  • Large 37″ high definition plasma TV for optimal viewing by absolutely everyone.
  • A variety of Heartbeat Stuffed Animals that hold your babies heartbeat inside!