Belly Painting

Bellies as painted canvases have become hot fashion statements for all moms-to-be looking for a different way to commemorate their pregnancies. By combining body make-up artistry with great photography, Jeff Edney creates a very unique maternity portrait.

Choose a painting from the samples in this gallery, or dream up one of your own ideas. Belly paintings can be sports symbols, animals and characters, or iconic images that match your babies nursery theme. Bring your husband, family, or a friend and plan to have some fun getting your custom belly painting and unique maternity portraits! This session does include some non-painted maternity portraits photographed first and then the belly painting photographs.



  • Collaboration with photographer on painting, props and wardrobe.
  • 30 minutes of non–painted maternity portraits prior to the belly painting, if requested.
  • 1 custom painting on your belly or torso with FDA–approved body makeup.
  • 30 minutes studio photography of belly painting.
  • No additional charges for additional people in the photo.
  • An average of 100 photo proofs uploaded to a password protected web site for you to proof online at your convenience.
  • (1) 8"x10" retouched print.
  • FREE Prenatal 2D & 3D/4D Ultrasound, if you choose.

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